A Good Beginning !
Where else are you going to find a school dedicated to repairing cameras? The answer is .... nowhere.

This first lesson packs a good punch for it's size. Not only do you learn the basic system's but you learn how to do basic cleaning and document problems.

It's a good start and I look forward to my next lesson.
Kevin E. (Illinois)


Excellent Material

I'm a SPT student and I recommend this to everbody or anyone that has really interest in learn how to fix film/digital cameras.
Pablo Chacon (Boston)


Lesson Four
This is a great lesson. This lesson tells you how Logical gates work and how information is stored in electronics and digital cameras in binary code.
Pablo Chacon (Boston)




OK, now I'm a believer!
I recently purchased the SPT Rebel XS software and wish I had done it a couple of weeks earlier.  Camera came in with an error 99 error code and we just assumed shutter replacement. Replaced the shutter and it passed quality control. It left the shop only to come back within a couple of days with error 99 again.

At any rate once I got the software, it indicated that this camera had only had 7,000 pictures taken and what the real error code was 199, main PCB. Took about 1 minute to see that I had wasted time and money and hopefully not lost a customer.  I should have listened to Chuck sooner and seen the value of software investment.

Funny thing is I remember when I was in Chuck's class in the late 70's I listened to his every word. Not to stroke his ego but he is a smart guy.  Lesson learned.  Ron   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Fixing Cameras Early in the Course
“Last week I fixed 5 cameras successfully. 5 Canon Powershots, all of them with problems with the lens (Lens doesn't move, lens error, problems with the lens cover blades). I was able to fix all of them, some had the internal gears broken (one or two teeth broken) I just replaced them. Others the internal barrel were totally out of place, I just put them back on place I mean I align it with the external barrel. And others the cover lens blades were bad positioned. I just fixed it (I remember the first time I attempted to do this, took it me 4 hours, last time only 5 Minutes). The most important I 'm not breaking anything and cameras look like never have been opened

This course has helped me so far to reach this goal.” Thanks Pablo .. the value of learning film p/s zoom barrel repair

Nikon 1DX.  I just had my first one that needed a new shutter. Using the SPT guide, which Chuck Bertone wrote, this turned out to be a very nice repair for $550.00  The shutter cost about $120.00 and the job took about 1 hour. Not to bad for my 1st one. Sometimes these look more intimidating than they really are. Just one curious thing. It will not work with the customer’s battery, which is a "Polaroid" brand. It does work with the Nikon battery. Of course I tried to recharge it with a Nikon charger but the camera only shows normal display with low battery indicator and no release or A/F.  Mike

Just started course and Student Member of SPT
Thanks for the prompt response, I think the SPTNET is a great tool and so far I'm pleased with the program you have offered ... Dave

Impressed with the professionalism and knowledge
"Thank you very much I appreciate your speedy reply and reaction. Every time I interact with this company whether it be opening up my lesson or communicating via yourself or the website I become more and more impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of the people employed there." 

Course is relevant!
I sure am enjoying the camera course. Every page of the lessons gives vital clues to troubleshooting. The information is so huge that it is impossible to memorize but it is all so relevant. I am making up a sheet describing every individual title and sub heading of the lessons. The lessons are so good.” Neil

Surprised how many ask for camera repair!
“Last time I think I mentioned about my wife going to San Diego. We got her pics developed and when I went in to pick them up I asked the girl waiting on me if they ever had anyone inquire about camera repairs. This place we take out stuff to get developed is a one-hour developing place. Since they don’t sell or handle camera equipment I didn’t think they would get to many people asking about repairs. I was surprised when she told me that they do get quite a few people asking about it. They refer them to a camera store not to far away but that camera store doesn’t repair cameras but sends them out instead.” Mike

A great group of guys!
“Lessons are structured very well and easy to understand. A lot of home study courses require the student to do extra research and additional reading. The video-aided lessons are very valuable. I have had to call C&C Associates a couple times, they were very helpful. A great group of guys!” Jim

Overall a very Good Course
“The course was very good but very tough especially the electronics portion. The home study course is always much tougher then an instructed course, C&C course was well laid out for the beginner. Overall a very good course.” Brian

Thorough and easy to Understand
“Though having my doubts about taking a home study course, I was very impressed with the personal attention given. Every course was thorough and easy to understand (except for Lesson 4). I have 2 lessons left to complete the course, with C&C’s direct help I landed a job at a well-established repair shop.” Benjamin

C&C Associates provided the key
“Before I took the C&C Associates camera repair course, I knew very little about cameras. I didn’t even own a camera. But the course taught me from the basics of camera design to their repair to the most complex of repairs. I am now able to troubleshoot and repair cameras. I make a far better living then my last job. The door of opportunity was before me and C&C Associates provided the key to open it.” Todd

Step by Step and Practice cameras
“The C&C course allowed me to learn working full time. The step by step videos and practice cameras were an excellent practical introduction to camera repair.” Ryan

Home Study Course is an excellent way to enter the field of camera repair
“C & C ‘s Electronic Camera Repair Home Study Course is an excellent way to enter the field of camera repair. Studying at night and on weekends, I finished in just over a year. While I was still working at my job. 5 days after I finished, I had a job as a Camera repair technician. The C&C course enabled me to progress rapidly in my new career. Within 6 months I was making 2 to 3 times my previous salary. I am still repairing cameras 5 years later and the demand for technicians is stronger than ever. I don’t have to worry about the economy because I know there’s plenty of work for me out there. Thanks for the training!” Gordon

Loved every minute of it!
“Wonderful people, Informative lesson’s, great hands on experience. Loved every minute of it!” Dan

Recommends the C&C course to anyone!
“I had no previous background in camera repair and I found them to be complementary in their teaching. Phil had a vast background in the older cameras and Chuck was more experienced with the newer models. Their vast knowledge and their ability to communicate it in a way that I could understand impressed me.

The training I got gave me a well-rounded base to begin working on cameras. The technical support enabled me to progress to the point where I began repairing cameras full time in a local camera repair shop after only 1.5 years.

I was very pleased with the help and encouragement I received from Chuck and Phil throughout my training and even after graduation. I feel I could still call on either one of them if I had a problem on a repair.

I would highly recommend the C&C course to anyone considering a repair in the camera repair industry. The program, the instructors and the new apprenticeship program provide a excellent opportunity to learn this fascinating trade.” John

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