SPT Canon Adjustment Software

C&C Associates started into digital camera repair using our Troubleshooting Guides and articles, the standard of the industry at the time.  But we could see that digital camera repair needed a different approach.  Since digital Single Lens Reflex cameras are computer driven;  repair software looked like the best option for us to upgrade our service, add adjustments and reduce repair times.  C&C Repair Guides evolved into Service Adjustment Software.

Service Adjustment Software allows technicians to:

  • Connect into the cameras computer system.
  • Read internal error codes and their possible causes.
  • Print out a Camera FAX report.
  • Make Adjustments to:

The Light meter system
The Shutter Speed
The Auto Focus system
Initialize new Main Boards

SPT Canon Adjustment Software has limits and does not include disassembly or repair information.  Because of that and other factors we limit sales of our software to SPT members.   You can become an SPT member and we also offer a single trial purchase as well as free demo software. Our SPT site offers an incredible about of information about our Service Adjustment Software for Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras.

… click here to link to our SPT site for additional Software Information


We offer three versions of the software

  • Essential
  • Advanced
  • Upgrade

Essential is our basic version and includes features such as error codes, camera fax, data downloads and uploads.  Advanced is our adjustment section.  And Upgrade is our bridge that lets up upgrade your Essential version into Advanced.



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