Lesson 6 / Camera Metering Circuits

AI (artificial intelligence) Light meters systems have been the unsung advancement in digital cameras. This lesson starts you at the beginning but in one page we advance you to the start of modern metering, the photodiode (SPD) coupled with Op Amps. You will recognize this metering system from your lab in Lesson 3. We take you through the gauntlet of encoders, calculations, A/D converters and troubleshooting all the way to current Matrix metering systems. 

When you complete this lesson you should understand light meter systems, how calculations are done and how to troubleshoot and repair metering systems.


•    Digital Cameras
•    Digital Electronics / Digital Cameras
•    Measuring Light
•    Photovoltaic Cells
•    CdS Cells
•    Photodiodes
•    Matrix Cells
•    Photo-Cell Locations
•    Lens Shutter Compact Cameras
•    Troubleshooting and Testing Photo detector ae-output.2
•    Testing CdS cells
•    Testing Photodiodes
•    Testing Matrix Metering Systems
•    Film & Digital Sensitivity
•    Converting ISO into an Electronic Property
•    Digital Sensor ISO
•    Film CAS
•    Understand CAS Codes
•    Digital Exposure Calculations
•    Other A/D Methods
•    Digital Metering Circuits
•    Binary Code Generators
•    Metering Circuit Calculations
•    Troubleshooting Metering CircuitBuy-Now
•    Light Circuit
•    ISO Circuits
•    CAS Codes
•    Aperture and Shutter Dial Inputs
•    Avo
•    Apex Tables
•    Testing and Adjusting D SLRs using Software

Hands On Lab: Camera Light-meter Module

Typical Time Required: 15 hours

Updated 2010

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