Lesson 5 / Power Supply Systems

This lesson starts with batteries, a quick progression from single cell to Lithium Ion. We explain the proper way to test batteries and the evolution of power circuits from simple On / Off switches to DC/DC Converters. Our emphasis is on explanation and troubleshooting. In digital cameras, power circuit repair is all about DC/DC Converters, fuses and batteries and that is where we take you. Our latest updates include some very difficult to define power problems happening to digital cameras today, information directly from the bench. When you complete this lesson you should understand how to test batteries, troubleshoot power problems and have an understanding of current digital camera problems.

The lab for this lesson involves measuring and testing a DC/DC Converter in a film SLR. Testing a DC/DC Converter in a film camera allows you to do more tests and measurements then a digital model would. Troubleshooting power problems in digital cameras revolves around fuses and deductive troubleshooting. Deductive troubleshooting relies heavily on applying experience gained from working on earlier power circuits. That is what this lab attempts to give you.


Subjects:  fig6.1

  • Battery Types and Applications
  • Testing Batteries
  • Mercury Battery Substitution
  • Testing Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Problems from the Bench
  • Power Circuits
  • On/Off
  • Pre-Release
  • Power Components
  • Power Latches
  • Clocks
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Battery Check Circuits
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Backup Power
  • Applying What You Have Learned to Digital Cameras
  • Troubleshooting Power Circuit Problems
  • Buy-Now
  • Test the Battery First
  • No Functions
  • Camera will not Turn Off
  • Camera will not go into Pre-Release
  • Troubleshooting Battery Drain
  • Open Circuits
  • DC/DC Converters
  • DC/DC Converter Troubleshooting
  • DC Power Supplies
  • How they work
  • Using Power Supplies
  • Measuring Current



Hands On Lab:  
Digital DC/DC power circuit

Training DVD:  
Electronic Camera Systems

Typical Time Required: 9 hours

Updated 2009

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