Lesson 4 / Digital Electronic Circuits

This lesson will acquaint you with digital components, designs and circuits. Repairing digital cameras does not require you to become a digital engineer. But having a working knowledge of how these circuits work will make troubleshooting and repairing of digital cameras much easier. When you complete this lesson you will have a working knowledge of binary arithmetic and logic, you will understand how simple switching transistors are combined with other components to execute calculations. You will also understand binary control circuits and how cameras use them.

The lab portion of this lesson features a great hands on experience with a binary / alphanumeric counter. You will also control a simple memory circuit.


Subjects:  L4-board.300

  • Binary Systems
  • Transistors and Binary Codes
  • Binary Numbers
  • Binary Coded Decimals
  • Binary Arithmetic
  • Digital Building Blocks
  • Gates
  • Truth Tables
  • Logic Networks
  • The Clock
  • Binary Adders
  • Combinational & Sequential Logic
  • Encoders
  • MultiplexersBuy-Now
  • Memory Registers
  • Processors
  • Some History
  • Why They Work
  • Communication
  • Loose Ends
  • Code Generators
  • Position Counts
  • Displays
  • Shutter Speed Control
  • Practical Notes on Logic

Hands On Lab:  Digital Breadboard

Typical Time Required: 12 hours

Updated 2002

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