Lesson 13 / Servicing Shutters

This lesson contains detailed descriptions of various shutter designs, where you will find them and how to service them. We emphasize the design and troubleshooting of digital SLR shutters since they are such a large part of the repair market. During the lab portion of this lesson you will get hands on experience servicing a focal plane shutter. When you complete this lesson you should be able to service shutters as well as troubleshoot and repair cameras with shutter problems.



      • Lens Shutters
      • Exposure Time
      • Multi-Blade Shutters
      • Lens Shutter Speed Control
      • Program Shutters
      • Other Program Shutters
      • Lens Shutter Troubleshooting and Service
      • Lens Shutter ServiceBuy-Now
      • Cleaning
      • Focal Plane Shutters
      • Focal Plane Shutter Design
      • Focal Plane Speed Control
      • Focal Plane Flash Sync
      • Other Speed Controls
      • Electronic Speed Control
      • Curtain Travel Times
      • Vertical Shutters
      • Horizontal vs. Vertical Shutters
      • Troubleshooting Film Focal Plane Shutters
      • Shutter Speed Table
      • Typical Curtain Travel Times
      • Shutters in Digital Cameras
      • CCD vs. CMOS Imagers
      • Troubleshooting Digital Camera Shutters
      • Shutter Switch Innovation
      • Ware inside the Shutter Mechanism
      • Damage to the Low Pass Filter
      • Light Streak on Image.
      • Shutter Speed Adjustment
      • Testing New Replacement Shutters



          Hands On Lab:  Disassemble / Repair a one or two Shutters

          Typical Time Required: 8 hours

          Updated 2009

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