Lesson 1 / Camera Operation & Design

This lesson offers you an overview of camera construction and the various systems used to build a working camera.  It also gives indepth information on Image Sensor Cleaning and digital infrared conversion. When you complete this lesson you should be able to define a cameras operating systems, have a understanding of their function and have a working knowledge about sensor cleaning.  In addition 'The Business of Camera Repair' will give you accurate information about setting up a camera repair business and how you go about it.



    • Definition of a camera
    • Camera Categories
    • Viewing and Focusing Systems
    • Lenses
    • Shutters
    • Light-metering
    • Metering Methods
    • Exposure Calculations
    • Exposure Control
    • Displays
    • Electronic Flash
    • Film Transport
    • Digital Image StorageBuy-Now
    • Recording the Image on Film
    • Recording the Image Digitally
    • Cleaning the Image Sensor
    • The Low Pass Filter
    • Digital Infrared Conversions

      BONUS: The Business of Camera Repair

      Typical Time Required: 9 hours

      Updated 2015

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