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"You will always be talking directly to me by phone or email.  We  get to know each other and this allows me to give you personalized service.  I have many years teaching experience in camera repair and it is my job to answer to your questions in a way that makes sense you."


This is a correspondence course.   airmail  airmail.50
You learn in your own home using a combination of Text, DVDs and lab equipment.  We encourage you to ask questions while going through our course.  The more question you ask, the better your results


Help by email or phone.  Contact.50   or    phone.50

Business Hours:  Monday - Friday 9 AM - 4 PM PST
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   / 24x7 .. after business hours, as time permits.
Phone:  800-624-9621, 509-710-4464 during business hours

We encourage you to ask questions while going through our course.  The more question you ask, the better your results


No Contracts!  nocontract.50   instead ...  handshake.50

NO COMMITMENT!  You purchase what you want, when you want.  We do not allow returns (for obvious reasons) but your risk is minimized.  No Contracts is a simple, honest business model which puts you in charge.  We have to satisfy you or we loose you!  We don't have any tricky long term commitments or fine print for you to read.


Lab Equipment   L4-board

When you take our course you only have one obligation:  The lab equipment sent with the course must be returned.  The cost of the lab equipment often exceeds the cost of the lesson.  We need a security for the return of our equipment.  Normally this security is a credit card number.  We will not charge your card unless our repeated attempts to get you to return our equipment fails.  It is the option of last resort and seldom used.  We would rather have our equipment then charge you for them.


Our 45% Paperless discount does not offer lab equipment but you will be able to replace most of our labs, with our advise, by purchasing a camera or two.  Handled right you should be able to resell the camera after completing the lessons.  Just type in Gopdf in the coupon section of your order in our cart and click 'Update Cart'.

Open Enrollment       open-enrollment.125You can start at any time! 


Cutting Edge Information  ae-output.150   Our digital camera repair course is updated with the latest information from the field and through our R&D.



Training Students from around the world!   


For More Information see .... Frequently Asked Questions

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