Individual Lessons

Each lesson cost $180 plus shipping.  Lesson text is sent using a download pdf, no shipping charge.  DVDs for that lesson are mailed, no shipping charge.  Lab equipment is mail or shipping using the carrier of your choice, shipping cost are applied individually at cost.

 Price:  $180.00 each Lesson / SAVE 45% with our Paperless Discount = $99 each Lesson




Full Course Package / All 19 Lessons

A major way to save money is to purchase our FULL Course package.  Purchasing lessons individually costs $3627.00 or more.  But by purchasing our Full Course Package your saving is $627 …  a discount of 17.29%.!  That is a major saving!
And there are other benefits:
•    No S&H costs .. that's $0.00
•    No Lab Security Required
•    You have a complete course, without lag time.  Labs are sent sent in 3 shipments.

Complete Course Package Price:  $3,000.00  + 45% Paperless Discount = $1,650.00

       SAVE:  $1350.00


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